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Get $15,000+ When YOU Close Escrow on Your New Home!

Let us explain how the process works.

How It Works:

Typically in the home buying and selling process there is a real estate agent on both ends. This means when a successful sale goes through the commission is split between the buying and selling agent. When buying a new home directly from a builder there is typically no agent to represent you and help you through the process. What most new home builders do is try and keep you in the dark about this little perk, that we will negotiate for you. With us, we want to share the wealth. So with our process we give the buyer (you) a 50/50 share of the commission, just as if you were the other agent. This money is all yours, use it for whatever you want.

What’s the Catch?

The only catch is we have to walk you in the door.   That’s it!  Again, these deals have been around for years but are often brushed under the rug at the sole benefit of the builders.  Remember, if you don’t know about it, they make a lot more money. That’s far from what we want and that’s why we can openly offer this deal to you.

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We ended up getting $5,700 back for buying our home!

—Robby Jones

Thanks to Adam, I got a nice chunk of money back that I could use to fill my huge new home.